Everyone on social media these days seems to be going gaga over what celebrities carry in their handbags.

Well, for me it is more to do with packing my handbag in a way that I am prepared for any situation or (and) even sudden change of plans.

So, here’s a not-so-elaborate list of eleven things that I pack in my everyday handbag.

1.A light, neutral-colour shawl: Most restaurants /hotels have air conditioning on full blast. A warm stole/shawl really does come to the rescue.

2.Sunglasses: I love my Linda Farrow aviators. They go with everything I wear, be it sporty or casual day wear.

3.A protein snack: I love these protein balls from Deliciously Ella. Incase these are not available, I most definitely keep a handful of raw almonds with me. These are always better than eating ‘anything’ to satiate hunger pangs. Also, make sure you carry them in a cloth (and not plastic) pouch.

4. Hand sanitizer: This is one must-carry.

5.Kohl pencil if you use one! Carry just in case you need to head out for an impromptu dinner or a party.

6.Nyx Face Blotting Paper: Keep one handy especially if you have oily skin. Use it to remove excess oil build-up and shine. It leaves the skin looking matte.

7.Foldable hairbrush: It is a good exercise for the hair. Also, I feel fresh after brushing my hair.

8.Sugar lip balm: Always, always carry one, especially if you spend long hours indoors. You don’t want to have chapped lips! Plus, it practically takes up no space in your bag.

9.Credit card and some cash: an obvious one

10.A scrunchy: You definitely need one while working, and during summers.

11.Fresh mint coz you know why! ☺

This list is personal and varies for everyone. What else do you like to pack in your handbag? Do leave your comments below.